Golden Globes 2014 Fab Five Ways to Dress to Boost Your Confidence

10 Ways to Boost your Confidence: LOVE YOUR BODY!

Jan 31, 2014

I know it’s kinda late to talk about it.. But hey it’s 2014 New Year Fresh Start!
So why not start with self confidence boosters?!!

#1 Stand Tall: Shoulders back, and heart forward! Its an immediate boost to your day, lead your life with your heart, so lean your heart forward, you’ll feel a boost of confidence and happiness.

#2 Smile: Smile! It’s contagious.. It’s hard not to be happy about all the blessings that you have and the things in your life. The great thing about smiling is that it’s contagious, it’s like if you’re smiling you could make someone else smile. And smiling is SEXY!

#3 Walk like you’re on a mission: That mission is life! If you walk down the street faster and more confident, you’ll get through everyday with more confidence.

#4 Step Out of your Comfort Zone: This means a lot of things! You can go to the front of your fitness class instead of the back, join a new club, or make a new friend.

#5 Be Bold: Wear a red lipstick, it’s like your power booster.

#6 Break a Sweat: Working out make you feel confident, and makes you feel damn sexy. It also increases your endorphin and the hormones that make you happy.

#7 Find the Beauty in Others: If you recognize the beauty in others, you can see the beauty in yourself.

#8 Keep it Positive: No negative Talk!! If you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself whether it’s to yourself or out loud, correct it and say something amazing about yourself.

#9 Dress to the 9’s: Take care of yourself, If you’re even going to the grocery store, or you’re going for a walk with your girlfriend or anything, dress up a little.

#10 Reward Yourself: A bubble bath, a massage, or a mani padi. Do something for yourself, you deserve it for working so hard and I feel as a woman we are nurturing and we have the tendency to take care of others and we put ourselves last. Take care of yourself first then you’re able to give more love for the others.

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Golden Globes 2014 Fab Five Ways to Dress to Boost Your Confidence