Apr 13, 2017

What if we had the luxury to choose cars from our wardrobe based on our outfit? Imagine that your car would become the ultimate accessory!

As lovers of all things style-related, choosing the wrong color or style of shoes or a necklace can be detrimental to an otherwise on-trend outfit. So while we’re dreaming of the perfect car for a variety of occassions, I am going to choose the must-have cars.

For that I chose to help me choose the right car for the right situation! Karrenn provided me with all the needed information and properties that matches the kind of outing I have in mind. So what is Karrenn? It is a website that helps all types of people choose the right car that serves their purposes, whether you are a girl, a boy, an elderly or someone who wants to spend the least amount of time choosing the best car for him/her.

Dinner Date

A date at the new restaurant in town can only mean two things: One, your go-to little black dress will be making an appearance, and two, you want to show up in one of the sexiest new cars of the year. Hello, Hyundai Veloster 2017. My exterior color pick is the dark gray Metallic it will complement your LBD and strappy stilettos perfectly.


A day on the sand demands the perfect swimsuit and accessories, and a two-piece bikini and a pair of Soludos will keep you beach-chic from head to toe. All that’s missing is the perfect summer ride: a cute convertible like the Mercedes E-class E350. It is just peppy enough to keep the party going as you drive home from the beach. My color pick is Pure White.

Working Girl

“Business casual” can have many different interpretations, but no matter what it means at your office, you always want to look polished and professional from 9 to 5. A silk overall, paired with a pointy-toe pumps is a classic look that’s perfectly appropriate for a lunch meeting with the client. Of course, you’ll need a stylish car to get you to and from the company, and I love the Infiniti QX60. It definitly gives the sophisticated vibe will set you up for success!

Girls’ Night Out

A night out with your girls is always a good idea. No matter where you end up, you want to look the part, and a flirty, scalloped dress in a red hue is equal parts classy and sexy. Also equal parts classy and sexy is the Mini Cooper Hatchback. My color choice is Pink!


Weekend Chic

Your weekend uniform of distressed jeans and a bright, soft sweater has you covered. Enter the Volvo XC60. I’d go with Blue because denim paired with shimmery metallic hues are a match made in heaven.


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