10 Ways to Boost your Confidence: LOVE YOUR BODY! Duchess by Jelena Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Fab Five Ways to Dress to Boost Your Confidence

Jan 31, 2014

Hey Fashionistas! Since it’s a new year, I decided that I want to share with you something I’m so passionate about, and something that matters to me. It’s empowering women and helping them feel confident, powerful and strong. Yes you can do that using Fashion!!

First I want to clarify that confidence comes from within, if you overall have a negative image of yourself, non of this tips will help! We all have insecurities, trust me fashionistas, some days I wake up not the happiest, and we all have these days. Just know that the tips I’m about to give can help in the foundation of your self confidence.

Define your Style: You have to have a strong sense of personality, you have to be self aware of what you like, what kind of clothes really makes you feel yourself the most.

Buy more of the Pieces you Love: This is the easiest thing that I can tell you to do, which is something that I’ve been doing this past year. I noticed that I have my to go pieces that I’m always grabbing. Buy something that you feel good about wearing, and you’ll find yourself having a huge range of clothes that you love.

Highlight your Strengths: Whether it’s your waist line, your legs, or you shoulders, highlight these parts. There must be something you like about your body, let it be your strength.

The Special Occasion is Today: We always buy this dress or those shoes and wait for a special occasion to wear it. This occasion may never come, or when it comes that thing is out of style or you don’t like it anymore. Everyday is a special occasion, embrace it.

If it doesn’t Make you Feel Confident don’t Wear it: If you wear it and you’re not feeling it, don’t wear it and go out! Cause you’ll spend the whole time doubting your looks instead of feeling confident and happy. Wear what makes you feel amazing.

Your opinion is appreciated

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10 Ways to Boost your Confidence: LOVE YOUR BODY! Duchess by Jelena Spring Summer 2014 Collection