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How to Hunt: The Best Shopping Tips

May 31, 2012
Ever wondered if you are shopping right?!Why cant you last in shopping like other girls do?
What can you do to stop buying things you will never wear?!!You dont have to worry anymore I’ve got all these questions answered!
Shopping is fun and you would be crazy if you dont like it!you dont like shopping perhaps because you shop the wrong way.Make it easier for yourself by applying some of the guideness I’ll give it to you, so keep on reading.
   First of all before you jump into your favourite shop go for a cruise to all the shops to check their collections before buying any.Afterwards go back to the stores that got some eyes catching pieces.
While shopping make sure you’ve got the time to browse all the items before buying.Flip the racks take your time until you find “The One” the piece that you are 100% sure you will wear it and enjoy it.Usually its the Good Investment items, these are what you would wear for different seasons and they grow nicely.
  Tip: There’s always this piece that you are not sure of buying right? C’mon girls we all pass throught it! When you find yourself doing the “do I really need this?”Simply put the garment on hold for the day and continue shopping.If you still want it a few hours later go and pick it up, if you have forgotten about it, then dont bother.
When you’re in the dressing room its okay not to have your friends or family with you, they may say something that will decrease yourself confidence and dont get the amazing items you want.Also never wear heels while shopping always dress something comfy like a dress or a skirt, a thing that you can change quickly while you’re trying out in the dressing room.
When you’re trying something in the dressing room no matter what you’re trying, try to sit in it, to see if you’re gonna be comfortable wearing it and moving around.If the pants ride too low or the dress rides too high, it’s important to see how the garment moves on you.
Now to the budget friendly shops!Sometimes you go to a budget friendly shop and when you reach the counter to pay, the bill sometimes reach too high!I know it I’ve been there, I buy so many low priced items then pay a 300$ bill!and when I get home I think to myself did I really need this?!!So Avoid the impulse of purchasing something just because the price is right.
This is some of the tips I usually use while shopping, and I hope it helps you too shopping for the right things in the right cut with the right price.I’m looking forward to read your feedback so dont hesitate sharing your opinion below or on Fashionista.
Your opinion is appreciated

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Fahionista’s Secret Closet on Social Media by Tala Riz on Interactive me Magazine For The Love of NEON!