Dec 31, 2019
fashionista talks ayadiabb aya diab

I bet you think you’re cool, don’t you? All of you just complaining about the “new year new me” crowd, when deep down you are one of them indeed.

New year happens once a year and it gives you the vibe to self evaluate, self criticize and a chance for you to dream bigger/wilder if I may.

The truth is, every single year ends on an edgy term, most of the times it is not a good one. We instantly put ourselves in the victim role and actually live it a little too far. However if you are one of the “new year new me” fantasies then you’ll probably review the past year, and just like me you’ll realize that the past year was actually the best you ever had.

Thanks to the shitty (excuse my french) situation in Lebanon, many of us lost our jobs and if you didn’t then you’re probably not earning your whole salary, and in the best scenarios you are earning all of your salary but you’re probably unsure about the next month. This constant worry is causing all of us anxiety regardless how bad you need your salary or you work for the fun of it.

Now that it is a new year, same shitty situation, I choose to believe in the good of it, count the blessings and enjoy the present. The one thing that annoyed me to the core was the fact that while looking into this year’s happy pictures, I remembered how worried I was about things that didn’t even happen or matter in fact.

This new year the new me will worry less and let go more, the new me will dig into the positive in every situation and instead of constantly being a pain, enjoy the moment. Just live in the moment and do not allow those surrounding me to effect my new year ora.

It is a tricky new lifestyle, we won’t nail it right away but why not? Give it a try cause -God- you do deserve it

Your opinion is appreciated

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