Jun 9, 2017

Hello there beautiful souls! I hope you are all doing fabulous… I really do! I missed writing and honestly I feel like a loser for being away from blogging for this long, I can’t even remember the last time I blogged.

Things have changed! And by things, I mean me physically and emotionally. This year looks like a tough one the ups are really high and amazing but the downs are terrible. By the beginning of the year, I had so much pressure at work to prove myself and it was draining me personally, at the same time I was pressuring myself to get fit and be back to the “old” Aya where I woke up 6 am to train and forced myself to stay healthy. Also, we had a family loss, my uncle died and he was my mom’s brother, my mom was absolutely heart broken and it’s the worst feeling when you feel like you can’t do anything! And to add it up I got really sick like REALLY sick! Doctors were coming to my house because I was too sick to move, I got fever reaching 39.4 C which is bad, I got well for a week then I got sick again!

On the bright side things at work got better, if you know me you know how passionate I am about my career, I work as a regional social media specialist and being the best is something you have to be there’s no other choice. I am at the perfect weight now without even trying, I just fell in love with the healthy and fit lifestyle which became something normal instead of a punishment. My mom is doing much better and we found out what’s wrong with me it was a stupid allergy lol

With all this pressure I was losing interest in attending fashion events or socializing with people other than my family and best friends, hence I stopped blogging till I found myself again. I’m writing this to let you know that what you see on social media is only the surface or lets call it the highlight of our lives, it doesn’t mean it’s not real but it means that I only want to share the best parts of my life with you, I want to spread positive vibes and energy to you instead of making you feel sorry for me.

Stay positive and good things will happen after every drop down there is a rise up and that’s what make us stronger and better. You can do it!

Your opinion is appreciated

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