Nov 21, 2018

The long awaited blog is here! Thank you everyone who asked for it, and my apologies for taking some time, things has been crazy at work, but all good I’m kinda obsessed/workaholic.

Health and fitness can be such a rollercoaster! Honestly staying motivated is not easy and people should talk more about what happens after few months of being committed, I don’t know about you but sometimes work is too much or your best friend comes for a visit and life gets busy. That’s why I created the list below on how to simplify being healthy on busy periods!

1-  Drink Water: As lame as it sounds water helps digestion a lot, you feel fuller and improves your skin.

Sometimes we mix thirst with hunger, we crave sweets when in reality our body is dehydrated.

2- Quit Junk food and Take Outs: I am not saying that we should keep eating salads or chicken breasts, you can actually enjoy eating healthy by either creating (Pinterest) or simply eating your mom’s food.

3- Snack on Fruits: Fruits and vegetables can be helpful when you’re craving a snack. I love having carrots, mangos, dates and nuts YUM!

4- Choose Drinks: How about you skip the fizzy drinks and head to sparkling water, green tea, coffee, or/and 1 glass of wine per week.

5- Watch out for your Body: Each body reacts differently towards different type of foods, for me I found out that dairy can cause me face acne and some bloating. Look for reactions that your body may give and adjust your diet upon it.

With the balance of eating right, moving my body, thinking straight and also living life as blissfully as possible happiness is created!

Your opinion is appreciated

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