Sep 20, 2017

Hello everyone! This is probably not what you expect after the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but please understand that I am only talking from my point of view and based on what I use my phone for.

When the new iPhone was released I rushed to research it and watch videos about the new features. Quick disclaimer: Did anyone else notice their iPhone is acting up after the release of the new ones? I know my friends and I started having troubles with the calls and voice notes right after the release, weird don’t you think?

I will be talking mainly about the iPhone X since it seems like they put all their effort into it:

  1. Brightness and Resolution of the screen in the iPhone X is meh compared to Samsung, so for a girl like me specially that I am into blogging and editing pictures, it is really hard to edit a picture with the right adjustments if you don’t have the best screen resolution showing the real colors of the end result.
  2. Low light of the iPhone X is a lot like the Samsung one, however I really doubt that iPhone will perform well in night mode. Knowing that most of us go out at night or get invited to events where the light is very dim, so having a phone with an amazing low light quality is somehow a necessity.
  3. iPhone’s front camera is not as good as Samsung, and although I don’t take many selfies – or that’s what I like to believe- but front camera for selfies and video chat is a part of our daily life.
  4. The new features of the iPhone X like the face recognition to unlock or the remove of the home button is a lot like yesterday’s news for Samsung since Samsung has already removed the home button and can unlock by recognizing your eyes – which I will not use because I always try different eyes makeup lol
  5. iPhone has a limited memory you can only have either 64GB or 256GB which means you will pay a lot more if you are willing to get the larger memory however there are 3 options for memory in Samsung and you can also add an SD card as well.
  6. Fast charging and battery life is longer for Samsung than the iPhone X which is definitely crucial for everyone!
  7. Multi tasking and screen split only exists on Samsung which is important if you need to use 2 apps at the same time like watching a YouTube video and text your friend at the same time.
  8. The price of the iPhone X is really not worth the features I am receiving with this upgrade, while Samsung is cheaper with even more advanced features.
  9. The emojis that has face recognition, seriously? Is that even important? I honestly couldn’t care less about this feature because aint no body got time for that!
  10. I used to love the look and feel of the iPhone since I am into fashion but compared to the Galaxy S8 I feel like Samsung looks really sleek and on point, it looks so chic!

I hope you liked this blog post, there is no hate towards your opinion each one of us has different taste, but as an ex iPhone user I was expecting much better upgrades with the new iPhone and I was disappointed that they didn’t top Samsung they only reached their level. Again I am talking from a girl perspective and to be specific from a girl who is into taking so many pictures of everything and storing them in the phone.

Your opinion is appreciated

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